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Your Questions

Are you looking for a yoga session but you aren't sure of the right session for you? Or maybe you are a beginner and are unsure if you want to begin. These FAQs can help. However, if you have additional questions I am always here to answer.


I am a beginner. Are your classes going to suit me?

Firstly, thank you for considering me to be your yoga teacher. Most of my students have been beginners, you are not alone. This is by far one of my most frequently asked questions. So to answer this simply, yes and absolutely. There is no expectation in yoga to bring anything but your truest self. Come as you are.  

"Yoga is not about being good at something, but being good to yourself'


I'm not flexible, can I still come to yoga?

You do not have to be flexible to do Yoga. Yoga is so much more than the Asanas (which are the postures we do in class). You may find once you start a regular practice, you become a little more flexible each time, however this is not the only end goal. I will provide props when needed to students who may need a little assistance to get into certain poses, but poses are not one for all.


I can no longer attend the session I booked this week

Providing I receive 48 hours notice, you can change your session for another session in the same week or the following week.

Anything less than 48 hours notice, I will allow one change per month but it must be in the same week as your original session was booked, or your money will be forfeited.

Please contact me regarding any cancellations, as I can be more flexible in certain situations, I understand life happens.


I don't have a yoga mat or fancy yoga clothes

You don't need anything other than yourself to practice yoga. Just allow yourself to be comfortable, wear what you feel most comfortable in.

A mat is preferred, but you could use a towel instead. 


You mentioned bringing yoga props if you have them, what are these?

The props I would recommend bringing to a session would be at least one block and a strap. Sometimes I may suggest bringing a blanket, bolster or pillow. You can buy cheap props from somewhere like Kmart or Big W, or maybe second hand online. 


Can all genders attend?

All of my classes are open to any gender. 

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