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This is a set of 33 gold foiled cards + guidebook + box.

Designed and written by Annie Tarasova. 
Size: 90 x 130 mm (3.5 x 5.1 inches)
Gold foil detailing on each card, box, booklet.
Gold foil card edges.

Soul Whispers is a 33 card deck with simple messages from our Higher Selves that help us expand our consciousness and rise into the powerful, loving, free version of ourselves. Gentle reminders of love, compassion, gratitude, and magic, to help us grow our self awareness and look within. 

May these cards provide the answers you are seeking for, and help you evolve into your Highest Self.

Love, Annie x

DreamyMoons - Soul Whispers Card Deck

  • Like in our magical yoga classes, you can now draw a card at home everytime you feel the pull! I am so excited to share my love for these beautiful cards with you all.

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