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Wedding Yoga

I invite you to begin your magical day with a moment of peace, connection and the simplicity of being utterly present

Last year I planned and enjoyed my destination four day wedding party in Italy and after the experience of being a bride, I can completely relate to the overwhelm of emotions and stress that goes into planning a wedding. You may have already picked your dress or suit, the way you are going to style your hair and the colour scheme, but have you given some thought to how your inner and emotional well-being will be during this time? 

Have you ever overheard others say “my wedding day went so fast, one minute I was walking down the aisle and then all of sudden, in the blink of an eye it was all over?’  There is an element of “time flies when you are having fun🥂” but emotions are so so real on your wedding day and learning how to come back to yourself and to be absorbed in every present moment of the day, is the key to the best day of your life. 

I am now offering unique tailored sessions for either the lead up to your magical wedding, or on the actual wedding day itself.  I understand that this is a truly unforgettable time in your life and I would be honoured to support you during your wedding experience.  Booking requests can be made online here.

Perhaps you are part of the wedding party and would like to gift a session to the bride/groom/newly weds. Gift cards are available here.


Please see a testimonial from one of my beautiful brides here 🤎

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