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donnalolanatural cacao


This cacao is ethically, sustainably and bio-dynamically sourced between the Andes and the Amazon basin in Peru. This cacao is 100% pure Criollo nativo bean bio-dinamically grown on mature trees in the understory rainforest.


The cacao comes in chunks of organic, native wild farmed Criollo ceremonial grade cacao. Sourced from the highest altitude tribal farmers in Peru. Hand selected for a very rich, delicious aroma and flavour.


Carina pre grounds the chunks for an easier making option at home, however you can purchase the chucks and chop/grate yourself if you’d like, so you have three options;


Bag of raw chunks

Bag of pre ground raw

Bag of pre ground raw with spices 

Cacao + Spices 250g

  • Please direct any issues with cacao to Carina at donnalolanatural

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